Park Rangers at Lake Sidney Lanier want you to be safe around the water ever year. Each ranger card brings you a water safety message to help protect you. Thanks to Hall County SAFE KIDS, Lanier Park Primary Care, and the Army Corps of Engineers over 30 cards have been published since 1999. Try to collect all of them!


Use Common Sense

If it looks dangerous, don't do it! Never over estimate your ability by trying to swim too far. Don't jump off rocks or cliffd into the water.

Don't Cruise With Booze

Not only is it illegal to operate a boat under the influence, it's just plane dumb. Every year numerous boaters are injured from accidents involving alcohol.

Don't Drink And Drive

Alcohol and water don't mix. It is just as dangerous to drive a boat when drinking as it is to drive a car when drinking. Drinking alcohol when near the water is an accident waiting to happen.

Reach or Throw, Don't Go

If someone is having trouble swimming and needs help, think before you act. Try to reach out to them with a stick or throw something like a a life jacket. Save a victim, don't become one.

Learn to Swim

Swimming is fun, but knowing how can save your life. Take swimming lessons. Learn to swim and you will survive. It's real cool to stay alive.

Never Swim Alone

Always swim with a buddy, it is more fun and a lot safer. If you are by yourself and get into trouble there is no one there to help you.

Never Dive Into Water

When enjoying a hot summer's day at the lake with friends, remember to use common sense. Look at the area for depth and hidden dangers such as fallen trees or rocks. Rember, Look Before You Leap

Be with an Adult

Never go near the water without an adult with you. They need to watch you as you play when you are near the water. It is more fun when they are in the water with you.

Life Jackets Float, You Don't

Always wear a life jacket whenever you are around the water. Most people drown because they fall in the water unexpectedly. If you have on your life jacket, then you will be safer.

Wear Your Life Jacket

Life jackets float, you don't.It is very important that you wear a life jacket that fits you well any time you are near the water. Life jackets will keep your head above the water soyou will not drown.


Prizes Awarded!*

*Program has continued each summer since 1999.
4 cards- frisbee and water bottle
5 cards- Free life jacket
6 cards- Free Pass to Lake Lanier Islands Beach & Water Park.

Over thirty different cards are in circulation. Get yours today!